Digital consumer finance platform for the middle-of-the-road European

Inspired by their own experiences in consumer finance in Sweden, Mikael and the team are leading the way in access to fairly priced and transparent consumer credit for all Europeans


Mikael Hussain

Investor Since:
Series A


We were introduced to Mikael and the team through our network in late 2018. Mikael and his co-founders, Filip Polhem and Sven Perkmann, have each known one another for a decade. With more than 20 years of combined work experience in credit risk management, performance marketing, operations, and technology development, they are veterans hailing from the Nordics most successful technology companies including Klarna (where they all originally met), Spotify, and iZettle.

The team’s vision for Anyfin was inspired by their own personal experiences living and working in consumer finance in the Nordics, where four large banks control more than 80% of assets in their respective country, and consumers still lack access to individualistic pricing of sub €10k consumer credit. Aligning incentives with consumers and building a trusted brand was their number one priority.

The company’s flagship product allows consumers to simply take a picture of their existing unsecured loan, part-payment, or credit card statement and refinances them within minutes—on average, cutting the effective APR in half for the consumer. The goal of Anyfin is simple—not to add to a consumer’s debt load, while making sure that no one pays more than they should for access to fair and transparent credit. Anyfin will soon launch new adjacent products on their path to building a fuller suite of services that help serve the financial health of their customers.

Anyfin is currently live in Sweden and Finland, with plans to continue expansion across Northern Europe where fixing mispriced consumer credit represents a €24b annual revenue opportunity.

FinTech Collective has championed and supported Anyfin since investing the Series-A financing in January 2019. Serving as the only US institutional investor alongside European investors NorthZone, Accel, and GFC, FinTech Collective has proved to be a valuable sounding board to the team on all matters relating to fundraising, balance sheet, and new business models.

Current Status: Active