About Us

Our Roots

The founding partners started working together twenty years ago – as early operators in a fintech startup. Across the tech-driven shift from physical to digital, they built, scaled, and exited four global businesses – in capital markets, payments, and enterprise tech. Three of those businesses were VC-backed; one was bootstrapped. One went public on the NASDAQ, and the largest exited for over a billion dollars.

Our Founding

In 2012, FinTech Collective was founded, because the partners saw an opportunity to create a globally focused firm which was uniquely positioned to go after the secular evolution of the financial services industry.

Our ambition is to create the future of financial services, bringing transparency and choice to developed markets and financial connectivity and socio-economic mobility to developing markets.

Our Approach

We take an operator’s approach to investing.

With experience leading global product and sales teams in high growth businesses, our passion and understanding of the entrepreneur’s journey is present from founding to exit. We respect the belief, discipline, and execution required to win.

We prefer to invest early, often as the first institutional investor.

We do not require product-market fit and evidence of revenue scale. Our edge comes in part by building conviction in the opportunity and the team, well before other investors.

Beyond a unique vision, we look for CEOs with the discipline to execute, the ability to inspire, and the hunger to excel.

We overwhelmingly invest in companies which have been sourced organically, through introductions from someone in our network.

We believe in working as a team.

We run the firm as a team, not as a collection of individuals. Investments are made by consensus of all partners, and companies have access to the entire firm.