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The Secret (Controversial) Sauce


Sep 25, 2023


Sarah Parsons Wolter

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Payments, Banking, Crypto


Sep 25, 2023


Sarah Parsons Wolter


How many times have you gone on a shopping spree with the only concerns being your upcoming credit card bill and your strategies to rationalize the need for a replacement VanMoof (thanks to a perfectly functional e-bike but completely bankrupt company)? Now the implications of your questionable choice of bike brand – and other shopping patterns – are much further reaching.

Advancements in the algorithms being fed into credit decisioning engines have, in some cases, led to increased consumer surveillance and the inclusion of behavioral spending data. As a result, many activities that we would never imagine would affect our credit histories are now becoming the primary reason for denials of new lines or lowering existing lines of credit.

However, the CFPB is striking back. Now creditors using the aforementioned inputs must disclose specific reasons for any adverse decisioning outcomes. Even those companies using “black box” models must provide exact reasons for denying an application.

As tech unlocks access to new data, more and more personal information will be scrutinized – across all industries. Now that the floodgates are open, it’s just a matter of how fast the CFPB and other regulatory and oversight bodies can keep up. Whether these institutions can stay on their toes to apprehend mounting risks, or end up trying to keep up in an ongoing game of whack-a-mole is still TBD…!

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The Secret (Controversial) Sauce

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