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The End Of Interchange As We Know It?


Apr 09, 2022


Roxy Horrie

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Payments, Banking


Apr 09, 2022


Roxy Horrie


As the sole facilitators of payment transactions between banks, consumers and merchants, the Visa / Mastercard payment rails have long sat in an enviable place, posting billions of dollars in annual revenue from interchange fees. With each swipe, merchants and businesses around the world have had to forfeit 3% of earned revenue to networks and intermediaries that facilitate each transaction.

The big brawl against Visa and Mastercard is no new development, though. Amazon (temporarily shutting off Visa in the UK), start-ups, ‘Zuck Bucks’, and other emergent P2P crypto payment and settlement infrastructure have all surfaced in the broader attempt to disrupt traditional payment rails. At the asset layer of DeFi, stablecoin transaction volumes between cryptographic-secured wallets represent trillions of dollars of annual on-chain payment flows, while the annual value of digital assets settled on Ethereum now surpasses that of the world’s largest payment networks. But in today’s news, the big banks are also waking up to this movement.

US banks are considering bringing Zelle - the country’s most widely-used instant, P2P money transfer service - to retail check-outs. The popularity of pay-by-bank services has taken off in other parts of the world, including AliPay and WeChat Pay in Asia, but has not reached the same scale in the US. Although Zelle posted strong growth during the pandemic, the 1.8b transactions processed pales in comparison to Visa and Mastercard’s combined 300b.

While banks have benefited from the existing arrangement with card networks by taking a cut of interchange, the move to side-step Visa and Mastercard would effectively allow banks to set their own rules and fees.

Will Visa and Mastercard be de-throned by a consortium of US banks looking to give merchants money back directly into their bank accounts? (Ironically, Visa was owned by a consortium of banks, which they all collectively let walk away and go public) Or are we simply shifting the entity and infrastructure that controls the movement of money from one monopoly to the next?

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The End Of Interchange As We Know It?

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EnKash - India based spend management company raised $20m in Series B funding led by Ascent Capital. Read more

Fetch Rewards - Madison based shopping rewards app raised $240m in Series D funding led by Hamilton Lane. Read more

Fidel API - London based financial infrastructure startup raised $65m in Series B funding led by Bain Capital Ventures. Read more

Fractal - San Francisco based marketplace for gaming NFTs raised $35m in Seed funding led by Paradigm and Multicoin Capital. Read more

Gotrade - Singapore based app that lets international users buy fractional shares of U.S. securities raised $15.5m in Series A funding led by Velocity Capital Fintech Ventures. Read more

Kaleidoscope - Minneapolis based philanthropy fintech company focused on education raised $10m in Series A funding co-led by Rally Ventures and 3x5 Partners. Read more - Berlin based embedded stock trading company raised €15 million in Seed funding led by Lakestar and Lightspeed. Read more

Lightning Labs - San Francisco based blockchain protocol startup raised $70m in Series B funding led by Valor Equity Partners. Read more

Moneybox - U.K.-based wealth management startup raised £35m in Series D funding led by Fidelity International Strategic Ventures. Read more

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