Shutting It Down


Jan 12, 2019



Jan 12, 2019



The first half of 2019 was supposed to mark the resurgence of the flashy megatech IPO, with large platforms such as Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, and Slack expected to finally make their public debut. Fintech enthusiasts were also eyeing possible upcoming offerings from TradeWeb, Palantir, and Robinhood.

Unfortunately, these IPOs have become collateral damage to Trump’s month long government shutdown. While all the forms are still up on the SEC website, only 285 of 4,500 employees are currently actively working at the SEC. The IPO delays won’t be temporary either, as the agency will face a serious document review backlog once it's finally back to full operation.

The government shutdown comes at a time when investors were hoping new direct listing rules would create less IPO friction. Messaging app Slack was set to follow in the footsteps of Spotify by doing a direct listing, allowing secondary shares to be priced by the open market and bypassing hefty underwriting fees.

Moreover, the shutdown is affecting other pockets of the capital markets. The flow of key economic data such as agriculture production numbers has stopped, leaving the current state of the American economy nebulous to investors and policymakers.

And even if the POTUS government shutdown nets him the wall, John Oliver is quick to point out that it may not be insurmountable…

Portfolio News

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Shutting It Down

US government shutdown deprives markets of key data - The information black out is depriving Wall Street, policymakers, and farmers of crucial data about the state of trade and economic production. Read more

Uber and Lyft IPOs could be delayed by the government shutdown - On the fintech front, bond-trading platform Tradeweb also filed confidentially for an IPO that could value it at more than $4b, but the timing may be delayed by the shutdown. Read more

Slack plans to follow Spotify on unconventional IPO route - Slack will be pursuing a direct listing - in which current insiders sell shares in a public offering, but no new capital is raised. The development begs the question of whether this potentially lower friction option will encourage more unicorns to finally go public. Read more

Industry News

Wall Street firms plan new exchange to challenge NYSE, Nasdaq - A group including Morgan Stanley , Fidelity and Citadel plans to launch a new low-cost stock exchange called Members Exchange or MEMX, to challenge the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. Read more

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Bloomberg hits $10b annual revenue, and employees are set to cash in- According to a report published on LinkedIn by analyst Jennifer Miton, the $10b milestone was thanks to the growth of Bloomberg's data and research tools, which outpaced the growth of its terminal revenue in 2018. Read more

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Goldman has plans to enter the 'mundane' but hugely lucrative wholesale cash management business - Goldman is considering paying big multinational corporates more for their deposits than other banks - wholesale payments and cash management business generated $250 billion in global revenue in 2017 for big banks. Read more

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