Playing Permanent Hooky


May 08, 2023


Cindy Grazer


May 08, 2023


Cindy Grazer


The public and private sector alike are walking a fine line when it comes to time allocation to work.

Europe was the first to make headlines this year, first with the 4 Day Week Campaign in Britain pushing for a 32-hour week. President Macron soon went on to evoke the opposite sentiment in France with his controversial decision to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64.

Most recently though, the topic is gaining traction in Latin America. In Mexico most labor contracts are currently six days with only one day of respite – making the time allocation woes of Americans, Brits, and other neighbors seem like peanuts in comparison.

A proposal to guarantee two days of mandatory rest per week has sparked a national debate on labor relations in Mexico this week. More than 25m people, or 44% of the country reports working 6 days a week, with Mexico (along with Argentina, Peru, and Costa Rica) leading the region in working hours – at 48. That’s not to mention the 2-4 hours in commuting time that most must factor in.

On the flip side, the economic impact is on everyone’s mind. In Mexico reports have quantified this decision as a $20m cost. Meanwhile, the UK’s campaign participants say: “the economy doesn’t need us to be working five days a week anymore. It was 100 years ago, the shift to a five-day week, and the economy’s transformed since then.”

The headline that nearly all employees at companies taking part in the UK’s 4-day workweek trial reported a better work-life balance is common sense at best. Instead, there may be a bit more profound question that evaluators should be asking – like what will the impact be on regional and global competitiveness if adopted at large? Or better yet, can ChatGTP help workers continue to accomplish what previously would have taken them five workdays rather than four?

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Playing Permanent Hooky

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Nomba - Nigeria based payment services company raised $30m in pre-Series B funding led by Base10 Partners. Read more

Novidea - Israel based insurance policy and distribution platform raised $50m in Series C funding led by Battery Ventures. Read more

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