Make America AAA Again


Aug 07, 2023


Sarah Parsons Wolter


Aug 07, 2023


Sarah Parsons Wolter


This week, Fitch Ratings downgraded the US debt rating from AAA (top-notch) to AA+, citing concerns around the government’s ability to work through debt burdens - exemplified through last month’s debt ceiling standoff in Congress. The last time a similar event occurred was in 2011 when S&P downgraded the US sovereign debt rating, and the S&P 500 lost 15% of its value within a month.

Debt ratings are critical to bond markets and broad investor confidence, although equity market reactions were much more muted this week in reaction to Fitch. Different parties reacted variably, however: Blackstone CEO Steve Schwartzman commented that he felt the rating downgrade was justified given debt statistics, while Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called it unwarranted. Investment banks including Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan were both of the view that the downgrade itself will have little impact.

The global bond market is one of the biggest financial markets in the world, and was worth ~$141t at the end of 2022. Outside of the downgrade, this market also faces other challenges including shadow banking, which limits the ability of banks to control cost of credit, as well as rising inflation and interest rates. Sounds like there’s a laundry list of things to be fixed before America makes AAA again.

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Portfolio News

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Make America AAA Again

Fitch downgrades U.S. credit rating - The downgrade, the first by a major ratings firm in more than a decade, is evidence that increasingly frequent political skirmishes over the U.S. government’s finances are clouding the outlook for the $25t global market for Treasurys. Fitch’s rating on the U.S. now stands at “AA+”, or one notch below the top “AAA” grade. Read more

Blackstone CEO Schwarzman says ‘numbers justify’ Fitch downgrade - While JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said that the downgrade “doesn’t really matter that much,” and that US credit is sound and should be the highest-rated in the world, and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called the downgrade “entirely unwarranted", Schwarzman said Fitch's move was appropriate after multiple debt-limit standoffs. Read more

Industry News

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Select Financings

Converge Insurance - New York based cyber risk management and underwriting company raised $15m in Series A funding led by Forgepoint Capital. Read more

DebtBook - Charlotte based debt, lease, and subscription management software company raised $12.5m in Series A-1 funding led by Elephant Partners. Read more

Emtech - New York based provider of central banking infrastructure in Africa raised $4m in Seed funding led by Matrix Partners India. Read more

Financial Information Technologies - Tampa based provider of software and payments solutions for alcohol retailers, distributors, and suppliers raised an undisclosed amount in new funding led by General Atlantic. Read more

Finda - South Korea based loan comparison platform raised $37m in Series C funding led by JB Financial Group. Read more

Functional Finance - San Francisco based provider of data and reporting automation software for insurance companies raised $8m in Seed funding led by NEA. Read more

Knot API - New York based provider of card-on-file management tools raised $10m in Series A funding led by Nava Ventures. Read more

Lula - Miami based provider of insurance infrastructure raises $35.5m in Series B funding led by NextView Ventures. Read more

MasterExchange - Stockholm based music investment marketplace raised $2.7m in new funding led by Vectr Ventures. Read more

Micro Connect - Hong Kong based microfinance platform raised $458m in Series C funding. Read more

Mthmr - Saudi Arabia based personal expense management company raised $1.6m in Seed funding led by Wa'ed Ventures. Read more

Nium - Singapore based cross-border payments firm raised an undisclosed amount in new funding led by Bond. Read more

Orbital - London based traditional finance and crypto payments platform raised £5m in new funding led by Golden Record Ventures. Read more

Percayso - United Kingdom based provider of insurance intelligence services raised £2.7m in new funding led by Neil Utley. Read more

Petal - New York based consumer credit card startup raised $20m in new funding led by existing investors. Read more

Pockit - London based provider of financial services to underserved communities raised $10m in new funding led by Puma Private Equity. Read more

RupeeRedee - India based provider of personal loans for underserved segments raised $3.5m in new funding led by Digital Finance International. Read more

Traction - Nigeria based provider of POS solutions for small merchants raised $6m in Seed funding led by Ventures Platform. Read more

Tradeshift - Copenhagen based B2B payments and AP automation company raised $35m in strategic funding led by HSBC. Read more


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