Lawmakers Moonlight The Stocktraders


Feb 13, 2023


Cindy Grazer


Feb 13, 2023


Cindy Grazer


On the heels of stocks being off to a strong start this month, encouraging inflation data to start the year, and a smaller rate hike that marks a more dovish turn from the Fed, the prospect of a so-called soft-landing seems closer to reach.

But while everyday investors grapple with “what’s next?” amid the market’s volatility, determining whether to hold out for the long term or sell, members of Congress have come under criticism for engaging in those very same trading activities. “Year after year, politicians have somehow managed to outperform the market, buying and selling millions of stocks in companies they’re supposed to be regulating”, Republican Sen. Josh Hawley said, introducing a bill to ban Congressional members and their families from trading. One finding suggests that the Pelosis have amassed fortunes, making as much as $30.4m from tech stocks between 2007 and 2020. Among those stocks include Alphabet, which has regularly been under congressional scrutiny.

Public polls as well as bipartisan bills have uniformly endorsed the idea of banning congressional stock trading. The premise being that Congressional members have access to classified briefings and enact federal policy and legislation that can drive markets and impact the fate of a companies’ bottom line. Many congressional members may even have direct oversight committees on the companies they are trading, which presents inherent conflicts of interest.

The jury is still out on whether congressional members have truly managed to generate alpha by stock-picking or whether they would just be better served with an index fund. Amid the criticism, an anonymous platform called “Unusual Whales” was created to bring greater transparency to the public by cataloging the trades of politicians as they are made publicly available. The recent creation of a “Nancy Pelosi” ETF indicates that she was able to outperform the S&P by 13% in 2021, citing the “gross inequities in information, education and access” between the House representative and the everyday trader.

The fate of a congressional stock-trade ban seems to be crystallizing, with reforms being drafted to root out what’s being perceived as “insider trading”. Do we let the free hand of the market economy dictate or are the lines between private finances and public responsibilities too obvious to ignore?

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Portfolio News

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Lawmakers Moonlight The Stocktraders

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Lawmakers shouldn’t be stock traders - By the very nature of their jobs, members of Congress have no business trading stocks. They may have access to classified or otherwise privileged information. They may know of pending legislation that could affect an industry’s bottom line. They may have oversight duties for the very companies they own shares of. Even if their portfolios simply fluctuate along with the market, there’s no escaping the appearance of a conflict when lawmakers moonlight as traders. Read more

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