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Getting Back Off The Bench?


Mar 26, 2022


Roxy Horrie

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Mar 26, 2022


Roxy Horrie


Although the Great Resignation is a global phenomenon among those who are younger than 40, it also seems to be applying to the “pipe and slippers” and “purple rinse” brigade here in the U.S.

As of the third quarter of 2020, 28.6 million boomers out of a total national cohort of 71.6 million now identify as retired. To put that in context, that represents 3.2 million more people than those who said they were retired during the same period in 2019 according to the Federal Reserve.

However, the data isn’t perfect. The chief actuary of the Social Security Administration highlighted that older people might claim to have “retired” from one job but are continuing to work in another.

Unlike in other developed countries, retirement isn’t necessarily a permanent shift for Americans who have hung up their spurs. Before Covid, it wasn’t uncommon to see Americans “un-retire” out of financial hardship or perhaps even boredom. Today, 47.8 million Americans aged 65 and older could be forced back into the saddle as rising inflation eats away at their average income of $38,515, and their average net worth of $170,516. Can fintech startups help soften the blow?

With the average American retiring at 66, up from 60 in the 1990s, and with life expectancy clicking over 79 years old, that only leaves ~13 years to really kick back and enjoy life after work. Maybe that will prompt, as it did with younger workers, Americans to think differently about their lives and what to do with their remaining 4,748 days until they shuffle off this mortal coil. It looks like it might have played a part in getting the old GOAT Brady off the bench!

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Getting Back Off The Bench?

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