From Containers to Chatbots: When Logistics Meets AI


Sep 05, 2023


Sarah Parsons Wolter


Sep 05, 2023


Sarah Parsons Wolter


In an era where the touch of a button can summon products from half a world away, the complexities behind the seamless movement of goods often go unnoticed. Logistics companies are trying to become more efficient as they help retailers and manufacturers move large volumes of shipments by aircraft, trucks, trains and containerships around the globe. In these efforts, executives stated that they are exploring potential uses of generative AI to improve their cost structure and become more efficient.

Currently, logistics companies are testing AI tools for customer support, viewing it as an intuitive use for technology that comprehends questions in everyday language and promptly provides comprehensive responses. In the long term, they believe generative AI eventually may be used to enhance forecasting, procurement, inventory management and shipping decisions.

As these tools are being tested, the AI landscape is rapidly expanding around the globe with the recent announcements of new models being launched to market. This week, the UAE introduced Arabic large language model Jais, an open-source, bilingual model available for use by the world’s +400m Arabic speakers. Moreover, China's tech giants, Baidu and ByteDance, have rolled out their chatbots to the public after receiving regulatory approval on Thursday.

As international logistic players welcome this AI dawn, it's amusing to think: in a world where different language models converge, will they be the unsung heroes streamlining our global endeavors, or will we end up playing a cosmic game of "telephone" across continents?

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From Containers to Chatbots

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