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Payments, Mexico, Latam

Backing Up Millionaires


May 25, 2024


Sarah Parsons Wolter

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Payments, Mexico, Latam


May 25, 2024


Sarah Parsons Wolter


In realizing what potentially is a client’s worst nightmare, Google accidentally deleted the private Google Cloud account of an $125b Australian pension fund. While Google claims the mistake has never happened before and is very much an isolated incident, this unfortunate event does little to calm the nerves of companies who were already reluctant to move their data to the cloud for fear of leakage or erasure. In this case, the Australian pension fund’s over 500 thousand users could not access their accounts for a week, before the service was restored via a backup account.

Of all the industries who have been embarking on a long journey to migrate to the cloud, financial institutions are perhaps the most fearful of loss of data or leaking highly sensitive information. Fidelity, for example, started its cloud journey in 2016 and is still migrating.

In addition to storing data, asset managers like Fidelity also need to be able to create insights into its customer base. Fidelity Investments announced that in the first quarter of 2024, the number of 401(k) accounts with balances of $1m or more rose to a record figure, with much of it driven by stock market gains. Although millionaire retirement accounts continue to be rare (and generally old), this data points could point to account balance growth overall which would be much needed given how underfunded America’s retirement pool is. So as long as nobody accidentally hits ‘delete’ on those!


Portfolio News

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Backing Up Millionaires

Google accidentally deleted a $125b pension fund's account - Google made a big mistake recently. The company accidentally erased the private Google Cloud account of a $125b Australian pension fund, UniSuper. The result: more than half a million UniSuper fund members had no access to their accounts for about a week. Read more

Number of 401(k) millionaires hits new record, Fidelity says - With stocks surging, the number of retirement account millionaires jumped 15% from the prior quarter and 43% since March 2023. Average retirement account balances, meanwhile, hit their highest level since the end of 2021, rising to $125,900 for 401(k)s and $127,745 for IRAs. Read more

Industry News

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JPMorgan: all new employees will receive AI training - Getting trained in artificial intelligence is now part of being hired. While new hires will get a crash course, AI is currently helping the bank in two ways: improving revenue growth and saving time. Read more

Hong Kong trials digital yuan for retail and cross-border payments - It will allow retail transactions and cross-border payments for residents within the city while integrating China’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) into its financial system. Read more

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How a decades-old technology and a paper from Meta created an AI industry standard - Vector databases were an obscure technology until Pinecone and other startups turned it into a billion-dollar market amid the AI boom. Businesses are leveraging vector databases to integrate private data with generative AI like GPT-4, enhancing data analysis and reducing AI errors. Read more

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Select Financings

7Analytics - Norway based flood risk startup raised €4m in Seed funding led by Scale Capital. Read more

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BTrust - Chile based auction platform that enables SMEs to sell invoices to end buyers raised $1.5m in Seed funding led by Invexor. Read more

Colendi - Turkey based neobank raised $65m in Series B funding led by Citi Ventures. Read more

Daffodil Health - San Francisco based health care pricing automation startup raised $5m in Seed funding led by Maverick Ventures. Read more

Ember - UK based embedded accounting startup raised £5m in Seed funding led by Valar Ventures. Read more

Farcaster - Decentralized social media protocol raised $150m in growth funding led by Paradigm. Read more

Finout - Israel based cloud cost optimization startup raised $26m in Series B funding led by Red Dot Capital. Read more

Footprint - New York based identity verification startup raised $13m in Series A funding led by QED. Read more

Kudos - California based AI-powered smart wallet raised $10m in Series A funding led by QED Investors. Read more

Merit - Saudi Arabia based SaaS company raises $12m in Series B funding led by Alistithmar Capital i-Cap. Read more

Osome - Singapore based finance automation platform for SMEs raised $17m in Series B funding led by undisclosed investors. Read more

Quantia - Poland based sales analytics platform raised $1.2m in pre-Seed funding led by Inovo VC. Read more

STRATxAI - Ireland based investing platform raised €1.5m in pre-Seed funding led by Delta Partners. Read more

Teal - New York based company building accounting infrastructure for SaaS businesses raised $8m in Seed funding. Read more

Vitesse - London based treasury and payment provider for the insurance industry raised $93m in Series C Funding led by KKR. Read more


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